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NFL Super Bowl 2001 Sand Sculpture Site 
 on the beach behind Tradewinds Resort on St. Pete Beach, FL








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Enjoy the show!

Time Lapse Streaming Videos of Sandcastle Construction

To See video click on the desired picture or day.
(Best viewed with Internet Explorer 5 and Windows Media Player 7)

Day 1
Construction Begins! (1/18/01)

Reaching for the Sky!
Day 2
Reaching for the Sky! (1/19/01)

Day 3- Starting at the Top! (1/20/01)
Keep Watchin the castle grow!
Day 4- Watch it Grow!! (1/21/01)

Sculpture starts to take shape
Day 5- Taking Shape!! (1/22/01)

Really Great looking, photos do not do it justice!
Day 6- Great Looking!  (1/23/01)
Crowds keep getting bigger don't be left out!
Day 7- Crowds a formin!  (1/24/01)
Is It Done Yet?
Day 8- Almost Done!  (1/25/01)

Day 9- Done!  (1/26/01)
Special Thanks to Meredith Corson,
  partner Dan Doubleday and Crew!  Great Work!

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